Your audience has a goal. But they also have obstacles between themselves and that goal, and your product or service turns obstacles that look like giant boulders into tiny pebbles. So how do you communicate that value to your audience, in a format they want to hear?

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Benefit-Feature-Proof Template

Businesses love their services and products. But you know that benefits are more important than features. A benefit worth its salt can be backed up by a feature (or two) with those backed up by multiple proof points.


Communicating Value Template

To be perceived as valuable, you’ll need to deliver an outcome that meets the perception of what your internal/external customer expects to receive. Here’s a tool with more than 40 (perhaps unexpected) areas of value that can help you better position the value you’re providing. Use the additional tab templates to more quickly prioritize your top three by customer type or offering.


What a Customer Wants

This checklist may look simple, but don’t skip it—the answers are short, but they take some serious consideration. Follow each step of this template to truly answer what a customer wants.


Product Value Template

Value is in the eye of the beholder. What matters to you truly depends on where you sit and the position you hold. This template provides a simplified way to think through the different components and value statements by audience. If you want to think at the overarching company level, let each section be your different business units. If you’re focused on a business unit, let each section represent unique offerings.

Product Value Matrix

Value Proposition Half-Life

Decision makers are busy and operate in soundbites and headlines. Once you’ve got a solid value proposition, use this tool to help you get the most out of every word… and likely express your value even more simply and effectively.

Value Proposition Half Life

Value Prop Must-Haves

As a business, your job is to foster a conclusion of value. You therefore must provide simplified explanations that are aimed at teaching and serving the attentive listener. You need to explain and help the listener believe. The goal is to help them build the right conclusions.

Value Prop Must Haves