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Introducing the go-getters, the senior marketers, the choir singing, blogging, grilling master, lifelong learning team of people working at Rogue…
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Chip Rosales

Managing Partner

James Loomstein

Managing Partner

Liberty Pickering

Liberty P.

Senior Director, Client Services


Danielle C.

Account Manager, Client Services


Andrea M.

Creative Manager


Adeel S.

Creative Generalist

Jason W.

Jason W.

Director, Technology Strategy & Development


Brad E.

Paid Media Manager

Want to Join the Team?

Rogue may be headquartered in Dallas, Texas, but this team (and your future opportunities) know no geographical boundaries. Whether you’re a specialized marketing superstar… or someone that dabbles in it all (a multipotentialite) this just might be the fast-paced, high-touch environment you’re looking for.

Chip Rosales

Managing Partner
For nearly 20 years, Chip has been bending the rules, asking the question “why” and looking for innovative ways to get companies noticed. This has led to a number of corporate executive roles with opportunities to lead digital marketing teams, uncover emotional differentiators and build/amplify brands. In 2009, he left corporate America to build a strategy agency of his own.You can find Chip keepin’ it Rogue performing on stages around the Dallas metroplex and rooting on the UT Longhorns… whether they’re winning or not.
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chip rosales and family
chip rosales and family on halloween

James Loomstein

Managing Partner

With more than 15 years experience in strategic planning, digital marketing and consumer insights, James is all about staying a step ahead of the digital marketing status quo.

An industry veteran with leading-agency experience, he set out to build an agency that would create compelling digital experiences, deliver actionable takeaways and customize digital efforts to unique consumer bases.

FOR FUN: You can find James keepin’ it Rogue delivering his opinions on the latest happenings in the Dallas sports world, as an adjunct professor at Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business and as a sought-after digital marketing speaker.

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