Who's on the Team?

Introducing the go-getters, the senior marketers, the choir singing, blogging, grilling master, lifelong learning team of people working at Rogue...

14 Industries Served... and counting
60 Podcasts consumed each month
25 Thought leadership produced last quarter
Chip Rosales

Chip Rosales

Managing Partner

James Loomstein

Managing Partner

Liberty Pickering

Liberty Pickering

Digital Account Manager

Jared Health | Senior Copywriter

Jared Heath

Digital Marketing Strategist

Andrea Miranda | Graphic Designer

Andrea Miranda

Graphic Designer

Ashley Powell | Digital Marketing Manager

Ashley Powell

Digital Marketing Manager

Alan Marull | Digital Specialist

Alan Marull

Digital Specialist

Want to join the team?

Rogue may be headquartered in Dallas, Texas, but this team (and your future opportunities) know no geographical boundaries. Whether you’re a specialized marketing superstar… or someone that dabbles in it all (a multipotentialite) this just might be the fast-paced, high-touch environment you’re looking for.

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