Is Rogue Right for Me?

This page was developed to help marketing leaders answer the question, “why should I NOT buy from you?”Although Rogue is not for everybody, hopefully this page can help you better decide if Rogue is the right team for you…

Is Rogue Right for Me?

If you can identify with many of the statements below, you might be an ideal Rogue client:
  • I consider myself the “CEO of the problem”

  • I know the outcome I want to achieve, but am less sure of the path to get there

  • I’m a proactive, offense-minded leader who’s stuck

  • Business is strong, I’m building for the next 18 months

  • I felt like things were working until they weren’t

  • I’m interested in the connection between revenue, cost and serving the customer better

  • I want focus and attention from my partners

  • I value the thinking behind what’s being done

  • I have something to prove

  • I think experiments help us stay market relevant

  • My business is not in the city and it’s hard to find talent that wants to work on our service

  • I’ve tried on my own, I’ve gone to the freelancer

  • I can’t – or don’t want to- hire full-time expertise

  • I think marketing makes selling easier

  • I have a budget that can fund senior expertise

  • I support an established challenger brand

  • I’m interested in identifying the right question to be asking

  • I’m looking for practical ways to use what I have

  • I’m interested in the outcome more than tactic

  • I’m willing to make decisions and try new things

  • I want to consider what my agency partner thinks about a strategic idea before executing it

Is Rogue NOT Right for Me?

Business leaders in these or similar situations have not enjoyed the process of going Rogue:
  • Think strategy is important… but not as important as just doing stuff

  • Talk about tactics more than problems marketing will solve

  • See marketers as the arts & crafts department

  • Prefer and value a big-name agency

  • On last round of funding; our last chance to make an impact

  • Don’t believe in what Rogue believes

  • Have missing pieces in their marketing foundation, but can’t invest time to build them

  • Delegate oversight; don’t get in the trenches

  • Hide Rogue; not willing to introduce to other members of their organization

  • Antagonistic toward team; need group to “do what I say”

  • Don’t want to break things, so hesitate to implement things

  • Hope that “this” marketing project will be “the” silver bullet

  • Have a lot of business constraints

  • Are only concerned with delivering activity

  • Would rather be busy than fix source of issue or identify right questions to answer

  • Are not allowed to take a risk

  • Are a newly formed business


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