Everyone is looking to create attention and demonstrate value. The articles I want to bring to your attention this week actually demonstrate how counterintuitive ideas just might be the ones that get you noticed. Get the article links below the video!

WYWW Live Article Links

1. Beware of False Averages: There is No Middle with Seth Godin

If you don’t follow Seth Godin, what are you waiting for? He put out an article about false averages with the counterintuitive point that when you try to please the middle, you end up pleasing no one. THAT MIDDLE DOESN’T EXIST.

2. Are you a disruptor:  Be a Whackey Waving Inflatable Arm Tubeman

Remember the miracle on the Hudson? A plane nearly brought down by birds caught in the engine. Did you know it was some kids who thought a simple windsock could solve the problem and disrupted the aviation industry? Are you a disruptor? Or will you be disrupted? Check out this article for some questions you should be asking yourself.

3. A giant takes on a giant: Walmart takes on Amazon 

Walmart is taking on amazon in the returns department. Sure, it’s interesting to watch the two giants duke it out, but what’s more interesting to me is that Walmart realizes it’s not competing against other companies that do what they do per se… they’re competing against today’s best customer experiences. You’ll want to keep that in mind for your business too. you’re not competing against people who do what you do per se… but against the experiences the best businesses give. Walmart looking to make returns EASIER than amazon.

4. The product you buy 2 months from now: The Purple Butt Pillow

And last, my favorite article I’ve read recently is about the PURPLE company. It’s about a butt pillow that the author didn’t know she always needed. But it took her two months to finally buy it. Here’s the interesting part: it came from a facebook ad, though the analytics people won’t really know that. A great article on rethinking ROI, the power of integration and why patience is a virtue every company needs to have. Hearts are not won in 7 days!