There’s a diminishing return on human productivity past 50 hours.
So. Cut. It. Out.

Business professionals wear the hours they work like a badge of honor.

Everyone says they don’t like the long hours… but, actions say different. If you’re the kind of business leader that wants to say good bye to the long hours AND have an extra hour in the day to learn something new… Have the ability to completely overhaul a website in 6 weeks… or consistently roll out high performing content, then this episode of While You Were Working is for you.

In episode 44, Rogue heard from speaker, author, marketing executive and student of productivity maximization, Kyle Lacy. He discussed a proactive three-step process to increased productivity… how you can limit your meeting time and make time to learn something new… and ways to coach your team into being accountable to the productivity process.

On this episode you’ll hear:

  • 05:18   Why prioritization is the key
  • 06:59   Three steps to greater productivity
  • 10:40   How to coach your team to adopt a more productive philosophy
  • 12:58   Steps to keeping the team accountable
  • 16:26   What you should be paying attention to, but may not be…

Enjoy the episode //


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