They say that traffic is light on the extra mile… Turns out it’s also pretty light on the road to relevancy.

If you’re the kind of business leader that believes:“if you don’t like change, you’ll like irrelevancy a whole lot less…” then this episode of While You Were Working is for you. In episode 43, Rogue invited sales operations and business development executive, Dustin Poole to discuss the mindset you’ll need to avoid irrelevancy.He offered ideas on how to avoid becoming a commodity, discussed a long-term play that more than 60% of your marketing budget should address and offered tips on how you’ll want to start if you’re starting from scratch.

On this episode you’ll hear:

  • 01:34    Why the apples-to-apples comparison is the last place you want to be
  • 04:15    The marketing tool you should be “long-term greedy” on
  • 08:03   How to overcome your status as a commodity
  • 10:44   The steps you should take when you’re working from scratch
  • 15:55   What you should be paying attention to, but may not be…

Enjoy the episode //




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