Being a CMO these days seems to be the hardest job to get right. “One minute you’re in… and the next you’re out.” What does it take to be successful?

Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Martechthe Wall Street Journal and many others say the same thing: it’s really hard to be a CMO these days.

If you a marketing leader that feels like you’re perceived as the smartest person in the room on Monday… and the dumbest person in the organization by Wednesday… this episode of While You Were Working (LIVE) is for you.

In Episode 35, we speak with chief marketer and business development strategist, Diane Walker. She shares how she has successfully taken her brand experience at HP Enterprise, McAfee. SAP and JDA to a variety of mid-size companies.

On this episode, you’ll hear:

  • 01:46    Why you need to be a blend of art/science
  • 02:40    The sales question you have to answer
  • 04:00   How to overcome unmet/unrealistic expectations
  • 07:32    Do this in your first 100 days…
  • 09:15    What marketing leaders need to take accountability for
  • 13:00    Sales enablement trends that you may not yet be paying attention to

Enjoy the episode//


Additional Resources:

twitter: @dianewalkertx
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Diane mentioned these companies worth watching:

  • Alicia Tillman, CMO SAP: See Forbes article
  • Microsoft corporate level messaging