Strategy and Planning

Rogue Marketing Strategy is different than what you may have experienced with other agencies. Guided by strategic practicality™, Rogue applies specific methodologies to help you find the proven channels that are currently working for you, while also discovering new areas of opportunity.

If you are a leader that has a goal to achieve, but find you’re in need of more focused attention from senior-level marketers who will be driven by driving revenue-based results, then Rogue Marketing has some strategic perspectives worth checking out.

Here are several of the marketing disciplines in which Rogue provides strategy to clients of all sizes, in virtually every industry:

Marketing Budget Planning

As you know, marketing budget planning is as much an exercise in predicting future returns as it is documenting expenditures. Using analytic insights, engaged audiences and user experience, Rogue builds a step-by-step blueprint to get the most out of the marketing dollars you’re investing.

Rogue helps businesses plan marketing budgets built to help them meet their goals—growing their audience, growing their customer base, or maintaining their market share.

Go-to-Market Strategy

When you launch a product, service or even a new brand, you want an audience waiting to applaud the new arrival. But the world isn’t waiting for more—it already has more than it can handle. So when you’re ready to offer something different in your market, how do you find the right segment of your audience to help propel your new arrival to success?

Rogue works with brands of all sizes—even all-new ones—to build a marketing strategy to start them off on the right foot.

Customer Journey Mapping

The customer journey map is a psychological flow of micro-decisions that lead to a purchase. With a customer journey map, you are able to audit your content, refine email marketing messages, write more targeted ads, have greater purpose in your ABM…in short, it’s the plan that informs customer-facing strategies.

When you need to know that you are saying the right thing at the right time, your customer journey map will help you understand the next decision your audience is working to make.

Brand & Messaging Strategy

While your customer journey map will help you determine what to say, your brand and messaging strategy help you to create standards around how to say it, and how your brand should appear.

Learn how we have helped other brands drive consistency.

Insights, Analytics & Reporting

Data drives every decision you make, and it is at the heart of every strategy and plan that Rogue helps you build. Where you may lack data, Rogue can also propose technologies to measure key conversion behaviors.

Insights, analytics & reporting are only useful when they are the right things to measure. Rogue never hides behind vanity metrics or fluffs up reports. We help you set specific key performance indicators and work tirelessly toward those.