Speedy Strategy Bundle

If you need to get a fast start to a marketing strategy that you can continually build on . . . If you need to put down on paper the various pieces of your business that executives know individually, but not collectively . . . If you need to see your tactics and messages globally . . . then you need to download the Speedy Strategy Bundle.

Here’s what you will get on the other side of this form…

Here’s a brief overview of the 5 documents in the Speedy Strategy Bundle. Fill out the form, then click on each image to download working documents that help you propel your marketing strategy forward.

Scrappy Strategy Plan

Here’s a speedy way to strategize an action plan to help you break through the obstacle you’re facing. It can be done in less than 20 minutes and on the back of a napkin or scrap piece of paper if that’s all you have handy. 

What a Customer Wants

This checklist may look simple, but don’t skip it—the answers are short, but they take some serious consideration. Follow each step of this template to truly answer what a customer wants. 

Product Value Matrix

What matters to you truly depends on where you sit and the position you hold. This template provides a simplified way to think through the different components and value statements by audience.  

Competitor Matrix

To Build a marketing strategy,  identify your whitespace and find creative and opportunistic ways to highlight the things that help you stand apart. This tool helps make getting started simpler.

Business Model Canvas

How do you trim down an entire business plan to a single pane that demonstrates how your internal assets work together to reach the right audience at the right time to maximize value? Welcome to the business model canvas.

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