Sales and Revenue

Rogue is a sales + marketing agency…you might even call us a “smarketing” agency. Sales and revenue are probably the two most important metrics a company has. That’s why Rogue focuses its strategies and client services around what will provide the highest long-term returns on your market budget.

Every service you see outlined on Rogue’s website is underscored by building your business. But each business is different—if there were a cookie-cutter template to achieve growth, you would be doing it already. 

Here’s how we tailor a sales and revenue service to your organization’s needs:

Sales Enablement

Your sales enablement collateral relieves the burden on your sales team. They need presentations that are concise, with messaging that matches the website and other collateral, and updated materials that they don’t have to create. The more we can help them do their job, the more revenue you are able to close.

Rogue plays in virtually every industry, because sales collateral isn’t just about a company…it’s about a client. It’s about a person’s needs, whether personal or professional. Rogue can target those needs, gather the industry specifics relevant to solving those needs, and deliver targeted sales collateral quickly.

Product Marketing

Product marketing (including services) solves the proverbial “tree fallen in the woods.” But where other marketing organizations would create endless emails, ads, and maybe even videos about why this is the best new service or product on the market, Rogue takes a different approach.  

Will we create similar collateral? Sure. But it won’t be about the product—it will be about the customer who’s buying it. We find the sore spot that brings them to look for a solution. Then we show them how your product or service solves that problem now, and makes life even easier down the road. 

When they are ready to engage with the sales person, they’ve already traveled their customer journey and are that much closer to making a purchase.

CRM Management

Sales activities and marketing activities are happening at the same time. You already know as a consumer yourself that getting mixed messages from a company—a marketing email and a sales email on the same day, talking about different things, for example—can really grate on the nerves.

Rogue helps you synchronize sales and marketing in one platform. You may already have a CRM active, but do you have someone to manage it? Rogue can provide the employee resources and skills to make your CRM a powerful component of your sales and marketing strategy.