Paid Media Bundle

So you’ve got to pitch a marketing budget. How much easier would life be if you had a template that helped you automatically did all the math for you—including industry benchmarks—to let you play with numbers and get reasonable projections? And what if you had another template that helped you segment your budget for experiments and trial platforms so you never fall behind in digital marketing? Well in that case, you probably have the Paid Media Bundle.

Here’s what you will get on the other side of this form…

Here’s a brief overview of the 2 documents in the Paid Media Bundle. Fill out the form, then click on each image to download working documents that help you propel your marketing strategy forward.

80-15-5 Budget Segments

You need to generate all the results you can…which doesn’t leave much room for “test” budget. But if you aren’t trying new channels and platforms, then you’ll never get different results. Here’s a template to guide your budget planning to make room for the next “big thing,” while still bringing in results you can count on.

Paid Media Budget Calculator

Some say that there’s no math in marketing… but that’s just not true. Understanding the click-thru rates and conversions you can expect when you invest different amounts of money on different channels is key to understanding what your minimum threshold for success will be.

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