Measurement Bundle

ROI is so much more than “dollar in vs. dollar out.” But how do you demonstrate the long-term value of your marketing strategy…and know the right time to pivot? Download the Measurement Bundle for practical tools to track the most important parts of your marketing engine.

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Here’s a brief overview of the 5 documents in the Measurement Bundle. Fill out the form, then click on each image to download working documents that help you propel your marketing strategy forward.

Analytics Review Checklist

Someone on your team is an analytics expert. But chances are, it’s not you. So how can you make sure that your Google Analytics account is set up correctly so that you can trust the measurements you’re getting? Download the Analytics Review Checklist to get the entire team on the same page.

Communicating Value Template

To be perceived as valuable, you’ll need to deliver an outcome that meets the perception of what your internal/external customer expects to receive. Here’s a tool with more than 40 (perhaps unexpected) areas of value that can help you better position the value you’re providing.

Creating Great Content Checklist

Producing content is not the hard part. After all, content creation isn’t the goal—growth is. Creating great content means analyzing the other content out there… and taking a different approach.

Call to Action vs. Call to Value

On the path to conversion, awareness is the first step. Do you know what type of action a prospect will want to take at each step of the 5 Stages of Awareness and how to speed up their movement to the next?

Metric that Matters

Depending on your phase of marketing maturity, the metric that matters (and that you’ll want to measure) will be different. You’ll speed up your strategic objections once you remove all other distractions and look at existing metrics through the lens of your metric that matters.