Differentiated Message Bundle

Your product or service fills a hole in your market. But sometimes your audience doesn’t know that they could easily solve major challenges with what you have to offer. So how do you tell that story in a way that they will internalize? Sounds like you need the Differentiated Message Bundle.

Here’s what you will get on the other side of this form…

Here’s a brief overview of the 5 documents in the Differentiated Message Bundle. Fill out the form, then click on each image to download working documents that help you propel your marketing strategy forward.

Message Segmentation

All messages are not created equal. Messages that resonate with a marketing director could fall flat with finance. What matters to an end consumer is probably not what matters to a distributor. It’s important to segment messages by target and prioritize in order of importance.

Market Story Worksheet

You’ll need to have the tough conversations, and do the heavy lifting of identifying the things that help you stand apart… But once you do, here’s a simplified (and fun) way to express the value you provide.

Empathy Statement

The best customer is one that self-selects to be your customer. One way to do that is by communicating an empathy statement. A statement that helps a listener know you get them and are for them. Here’s a tool that can speed up and simplify building your own.

What a Customer Wants

What customers say they want, and ultimately buy, are not always the same thing. It’s often your job to read between the lines in order to meet their unexpressed need. Here’s a tool that can help.

Interviewing Customers

Many people are afraid to talk to their customers. That’s a mistake, though. Even if the feedback is negative, it’s better to know. But more often than not, customer interviews hold the key to speaking the language that connects with future prospects. This simplified approach can take less than 30 minutes.