Two Minutes with Rogue

THINK it would be fun to be a fly on the Rogue wall? Well, this is your chance. Hear what it's actually like to work with Rogue.

More Experiments = More Success

"10,000 hours of practice was probably more relevant 10 years ago than it is today. You don't need 10,000 hours of practice, you need 10,000 experiments. You'll be surprised that the more experiments you have, the more moments of success you'll have. But you have to be a business that has the patience to experiment."

The Value of Analytics

"There are four types of analytics... and the higher you go up, the more value that gets added. You'll discover that hindsight moves to insight which leads to foresight, and that's very valuable."

Marketing is a linear process, not arts and crafts.

"This sounds like an incredible concept. It sounds like a great product, a great service… There’s a lot of interesting things here. I get to listen to a lot of ideas and this one actually feels great. It’s a really great concept. You can relate it to something that’s out there. It meets a need, has a lot of differentiation. I do think this gets copied. Like you said that are ten different eyelash companies. And that’s when the work gets really hard, with everyone competing in a race to the bottom."

Proximity Is Often The Bigger Opportunity

"I think that is the real growth opportunity. We are the resource in this space. We have a highly engaged community. We have x% of returning users. our time on site is x number of minutes and seconds. Our retention rate is y and because of this, you're getting the access to the audience you're looking for. The same way a company like Budweiser or Miller Lite would love to be all over Seat Geek and Ticketmaster and Stub Hub. It's the same thing. The proximity to the target audience."

Full Funnel Marketing

Looking for a true omni-channel approach? Focus on how do people come into the funnel, how do you move them to the funnel, and how do you get them to convert.

3 Ways To Make More Money

"A business can make money one of three ways: If you're a restaurant you can make money by getting more people to come to your restaurant, getting the people who come in to buy more, or getting them to come back more often. The ability to get people to buy more while they're there and come back more often. It's those two things that are the things that help drive revenue from an ad standpoint, membership retention standpoint and reducing churn, and the opportunity to grow and scale into new types of channels and platforms."

Balance Between Building Brand And Driving Conversion

Have a conversion problem? Consider looking at the balance between building the brand and driving conversion. A combination of these things working together will ensure that you get to where you want to be.