Ashley Powell

Digital Marketing Manager

Ashley Powell | Digital Marketing Manager | Rogue Dallas Digital Marketing Agency

Ashley is a digital marketer passionate about learning everything she can about ‘the how’ in order to get everything about ‘the why’ done right. Working with a wide variety of clients from the food industry to fitness, education and beauty, Ashley has a wide grasp on the past, present and future of social media marketing. Her super power is in her creative, strategic energy that she brings to everything she works on with clients.

In addition to running all of the Rogue social media marketing efforts, Ashley is also the host of the Rogue Facebook Live show, While You Were Working (LIVE). You can always find here there talking to interesting thought leaders in the marketing space, as well as putting her own spin on what’s going on in the industry. It’s a safe bet that if you’re in need of some social media marketing, Ashley will be a part of your Rogue client team!

FOR FUN: You can find Ashley listening to her favorite podcasts, enjoying a fitness class somewhere, running out doors (she’s completed 4 marathons so far…) But where she really unleashes her creative energy is with recipe experimenting she does on her personal food blog, Cook It Healthier.

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