Here we are with episode 4 While You Were Working (LIVE) talking about getting the edge in today’s fast-paced world of marketing.

Innovations are happening constantly and they all seem to be a bit SPOOKY (hey, we’re still coming off a candy high). We are here today to tell you that new doesn’t have to be scary. Fear is usually a result of the ‘unknown’ and so it’s almost ingrained in all of us to be leery of new things. New marketing innovations don’t have to be anything but impactful for your business- if you follow the right ones.

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1. If Content is King, Data is the Emperor

This first article explains why the data “haves” crush the data “have nots.” Too many companies have fast-tracked the sale using middlemen (think big box retail, Facebook, Amazon) but lose out on valuable purchase data that would help them be better marketers in the long term. The article shares many ways that you can create a new transparency, but I particularly like the suggestions of building a tagging taxonomy… deciding what you want to learn and then going about finding ways to learn it… and perhaps the most advantageous of all is building direct relationships through apps, loyalty and owned commerce channels. The biggest insight I think Rogue followers will benefit from is that if you are currently a data “have not,” all is not lost. In fact, you have the ability to build your approach against tomorrow’s needs and skip all the infrastructure that the other guys are trying to cobble together. It’s certainly a long-term play, but you can learn from the haves and find ways to move further faster.

2. You Get an Amazon Echo and You Get an Amazon Echo and You Get an Amazon Echo

If you’re watching the World Series or other must-see-live television events, you’ve probably noticed the new technology like youtube tv and echo show dominating the commercial time. Voice search is very much in its infancy, but this infant is growing very quickly. Echo literally doubling in one year from 11 M to 22M. If you’re not building Alexa skills and thinking about voice search you’re missing out on a new frontier. In recent years, the battle for products has been for shelf space in physical stores. The battle in 2019 though is going to be for SCREEN space.  You’ll want to get started now before you fall behind.

3. Who are You When Google is Not Watching

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Is it the magician or the wand that’s responsible for the magic?

Technology is just a tool. It depends on what you do with it. So many cool announcements this week including advertising software that takes known customer sentiments (do they respond to achievement, exclusivity, guilt) and automatically creates advertisements that they’re more likely to respond to. And then of course there are all the camera advancements: photoshop can automatically open closed eyes… there’s a software that can secure your racy photos… or one of my favorites (that can really go hand in hand with the echo show we were just talking about) Google Clips uses AI to take photos for you – taking candid photos you might have missed while you’re experiencing them and also taking photos with the best photo conditions exist.

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