In a fast-paced world like marketing, you’ve got to keep your skills sharp. If you don’t, well, likely then you’re already falling behind.

In today’s episode we explore a few areas that us marketers really need to keep an eye on, plus, we spotlight a few other key focuses that deserve your attention. When you carefully craft your skill set to be versatile, yet sharp in a specific specialization then you put yourself far ahead of your competition.

WYWWLive Episode 16  Article Links:

1. It’s the experience that counts:

Texas State Board Approves Nation’s First Degree in Consumer Experience Management at UNT

A unique skill that once was thought to not be able to be taught is providing a good customer experience. Well, now there’s a specialized new degree from one Texas school that’s all about giving you ‘the feels’ as a consumer. The University of North Texas announced just the other week the first degree of it’s kind called Consumer Experience Management.

2. Ignorance is NOT bliss:

Siloed Data Stifling B2B Marketing Efforts: Survey

According to the Harvard Business Review, data analytics is not only a skill laking in the marketing world, but many large enterprises are not even aware it’s a vital piece of their marketing efforts missing.

With all the talk of data being the new currency of today’s world, how is it that these large brands and companies are so behind the times? Well, not only do they lack the skill of data analysis, but they are also not super nimble when it comes to making big changes. You didn’t see the Titanic whipping around that iceberg now, did you?

3. Alexa, are you here to stay:

JP Morgan Chase Brings on Vaynermedia as Voice AOR

We all know the exponential growth and popularity of voice search. You’re starting to hear advertisements here and there telling you to ask Alexa to turn on “X,Y,Z” skill. We’re at the VERY beginning stages of this new world of voice search, but smart brands are already staking their territory. Which is why JP Morgan Chase just announced the very first Voice Agency of Record with VaynerMedia.

The CMO or JP Morgan Chase had a really interesting take on why they are diving in head first with voice search, and we think it’s pretty dang smart. Check out the episode above for the Rogue Team’s thoughts on their focus around this skill.