Social Media changes almost every day. There are new algorithm updates, new ad types, and whole new platforms emerging all the time. All of this makes it a really tough task for marketers to fully get a handle on while also exploring all the emerging platforms. So what’s a marketer to do as 2017 comes to a close and the calendar invites start flooding in for 2018 strategy sessions?

Today we’re talking all about what’s here to stay in the world of social media and how to prioritize channels in your marketing systems. In the end, it all goes back to what marketing and advertising were originally intended to do – get someone’s attention.

In this week’s While You Were Working (Live) episode we discuss:

  1. Top 9 Social Media Trend Predictions for 2018
  2. How Social Media Has Evolved And Where it is Headed
  3. ATTENTION: The Gorilla in The Room

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1. Be authentic, not just trendy:

Top 9 Social Media Trend Predictions for 2018

This is a great piece from Marketing Profs not only for the content itself but for the format it comes in an infographic!

In this piece, they talk about the rapid-changing world of social media and what to expect for next year. As we discuss in this week’s episode, this information is really helpful as you consider what pieces of your marketing system will continue to evolve in 2018 and maybe some new areas you need to begin exploring.

While all the trends will have a different degree of importance depending on your brand and your desired business goals, this list will help you to prioritize your budget and resources. One area that we feel strongly about, hence the format of our While You Were Working (LIVE) series is video and the article talks about it extensively too. Specifically, live video. Which we know is scary, but as the platforms put more and more algorithm constraints on marketers, live video is still an area where your brand can show true personality, be involved in your communities conversations when and where they matter most.

Check out the full article to find out what all nine trends are as well as get a few key stats on the metrics you should expect.

2. It’s better to be fantastic on one channel than irrelevant on many:

How Social Media Has Evolved And Where It Is Headed

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin. These are the main social networks many of us use regularly for B2B marketing. Google + and Foursquare, Snapchat, and Anchor are also social networks that are fairly well known to consumers, but does that mean you need to put resources towards posting on them 5 times a day?

This is where the Social Media Examiner podcast episode How Social Media Has Evolved And Where It Is Headed really helps drive home the point that contextual-based marketing should be at the forefront of your social network strategy. When you create content on channels that takes into account the context and human intent, then that’s where you win. The content that seems to be a sure-fire way to win is going to be with Live Video and A.I. (chatbots)

3. Seeing is not believing:

ATTENTION: The Gorilla in The Room

The article that really ties everything together for this episode of While You Were Working (LIVE).

It is a brilliant way of showing that no matter how sophisticated our targeting, how clever our ad headlines are, unless you get the attention of your audience then your not really going to be seen.

So as you are reviewing each area of your 2017 marketing system, evaluate it through the lens of the gorilla in the room. Did the campaign, ad, email, or social network really get your brand’s attention ultimately resulting in a lead or customer? Check out the full article to watch the video researchers showed in their experiment and you’ll see for yourself the distinction between real attention and distraction.