In this episode, we’re discussing topics around Engineering Outcomes.

In today’s world full of apps, tools, websites, and more apps, brands have so many avenues to reach the customer. This causes “shiny object syndrome” in a lot of marketing teams, but not for the top brands. Why are they able to overcome the ‘shiny object syndrome’ you may be asking? Well, it’s because they have perfected reverse-engineering an approach to achieve the desired outcome.

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WYWW (LIVE) Article Links:

1. Frightful Five Put Start-Ups in a Lose-Lose Situation

The NYT wrote a great piece for those of you innovating something new. Used to be that agility and simply being better could topple a giant. This article discusses how the FRIGHTFUL FIVE (Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft) put startups in a lose-lose situation. WHY? Because they aren’t just platforms they’re ecosystems. You’ll want to check this article out to learn more about how each of these big players has crafted their expertly orchestrated ecosystems.

2. Amazon Explores Ways to Deliver Directly to Your Car Trunk

The second article you may have missed shows how you’re not competing against who you think you are. Amazon is reported to be in talks with a license plate and doorbell manufacturer to deliver items to your car trunk or inside your front door when you’re not there! If you thought you were battling convenience and speed… now Amazon is working to beat porch pirates with some clever technology that ensures a package is never stolen. Now, I’m glad to give Amazon access to my car trunk, but I’m not sure I’m ready to let ‘em come in my front door when I’m not there… never say never though…

3. How scans of your brain could change the future of retail

Finally, the last article I want you to pay attention to shows that what people say they prefer is not always what their brains say. And it turns out that brain scans are much better predictors of action than asking people. Here’s the takeaway, if you have the ability to test products or services using MRI scans… you should, because you’ll make more money.

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