In this episode, we’re discussing topics around Stacks & Systems and emerging technology prioritization.

Focusing on tools and platforms that will drive revenue, rather than solely focusing on those that reduce cost. Prioritizing which emerging technologies that can do both for you, well, now we’re getting somewhere! We call those ‘Unicorns’ and we wouldn’t advise you to shy away from them!

With the continued request of marketing teams to manage tighter budgets and the increasing volume of consumer touchpoints, prioritizing tools that will have an impact on your bottom line should always be your fallback. Here’s what one of the Managing Partners of Rogue has to say about all this:

WYWW (LIVE) Article Links:

1. New & shiny: Facebook Acquires TBH

Facebook purchased a platform called TBH. Not familiar with what this stands for? Well, that’s because it’s an acronym utilized across text, messenger and Instagram among teens & tweens alike. It means To Be Honest and the platform allows users to create anonymous polls. Sounds like a marketer’s dream right? Pure engagement. Facebook predicts this platform will be their next Instagram, too. How can you see a tool like this driving revenue for your company and being prioritized over other emerging technologies?

2. There is no such thing as one and done:  Clinique Repurposes Print Ads into Video

The most significant point from this article is that by repurposing print ads into videos in order to give their campaigns more legs, they were able to change how Clinique approaches print campaigns altogether. Hindered by budget instead of being focused on innovation, which is why we always want to focus more on tools that will affect the bottom line and drive it towards the green.

3. “Alexa, order me a pizza”: Voice Search Early Adopter Dominos Sees Results

Our favorite article is the one about Dominos. They are early adopters and in the early stages of voice search, but they’re already seeing promising results. Domino’s profits aren’t tied to pizza orders via Alexa only, but they’re making their product accessible, reducing friction, getting closer to their customer, and connecting before their competitors. What emerging technologies have caught your attention this year?