What’s the point of producing content if no one is actually consuming it?

If you know all the “right things” to say and do… and are maybe even pretty good about doing “all the things” that should net results, but find they just don’t provide the outcomes you expected, this episode of While You Were Working is for you.

experience rogue marketing quotableIn episode 41, Rogue spoke with author, speaker and content experience trainer Christoph Trappe to discuss how you go about writing and sharing content that people will actually make time for. He also shared some practical, but sometimes counterintuitive, ways to gain greater value from concepts every business leader is familiar with: data, distribution, persona building and customer centricity.

On this episode you’ll hear:

  • 03:08    Why you have to be different
  • 04:40    How to create content  that people will make time for and care about
  • 08:07    Who’s producing a great content experience
  • 09:20    How taking a risk shows authenticity
  • 17:00    Why return on effort is so important
  • 20:45    What average person is not thinking about, but should be… (this was a surprise)

Enjoy the episode //


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