It’s pretty simple really. You need three things to be a great brand.

But then again, simple is hard.

If you’re curious to hear what it takes to remain relevant in 2019 and to innovate progressive marketing practices, you won’t want to miss a minute of this episode. And if you’re an email marketer, you’ll especially want to hear Jared’s take on what is coming down the pike on that front.

In Episode 39, we spoke with CMO, speaker and experience strategist Jared Drinkwater to discuss the essential things every relevant brand must do. He shared a “straightforward” path and discussed how to get people to buy into the plan and measure it. He also discusses what’s now possible in email marketing… and what will soon be “coming to a business near you.”

On this episode you’ll hear:

  • 05:33  What three things make a great brand
  • 10:50   Big or small, try this…
  • 12:58   How to move the needle even when growing fast
  • 17:13    The right way to get “emotional” in marketing
  • 19:46  What’s happening that marketers should be paying attention to

Enjoy the episode //


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