Everyone loves great design.
But what role does great design have in solving problems?


If you are a business leader that seeks to visually captivate your audience , then this episode of While You Were Working (LIVE) is for you.

In Episode 36, we speak with White Unicorn Agency’s managing partner, Jonathan Rosenberg. He discusses the role of “visual” experience, design methodologies he uses, what’s on tap design-wise in 2019 and even talks about he used all of that in his agency’s recent Web redesign.

On this episode, you’ll hear:

  • 02:55    Why design is such a powerful problem solver
  • 04:27    What a great brand was missing in its digital approach
  • 06:30   What it was like to put design to work for his own agency
  • 10:19     The “case for time:” How to deliver great design… faster
  • 13:48    Why experiences are on tap for 2019 design

Enjoy the episode//


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Here’s a recent article about instagrammable pop-ups that speak to some points made in the show.

Jonathan also mentioned these other resources worth exploring (REALLY COOL STUFF HERE):