If content marketing really is “passed its prime,” what is replacing it? The answer…is actually within content marketing itself.

Hey Rogue Nation! Another week, another insightful episode of While You Were Working (LIVE) is here for you to pluck all the ripe tidbits to inject into your content marketing right now!

In Episode 27, we bring on Rogue Senior Digital Strategist, Jared Heath, to discuss the metamorphosis content marketing is taking right now. Jared is our resident content genius and he was recently inspired by the IHOP “stunt” or “campaign” they put out in the world last month to promote their burgers.

IHOP recently changed their name to IHOB to promote their new burger menu items, but what did this campaign really do for them? Yes, it was clever. Yes, it created buzz. But at the end of the day, it didn’t cause an increase in foot traffic to their locations.

We kick this episode out by discussing the IHOP campaign and what their campaign shows us about the current state of content marketing, but if you are looking for more resources, check out the links just below the video.

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