You know the 4 C’s of diamond quality (cut, clarity, color and carat)… but have you heard the four C’s of startup success?

If you’re the kind of business that is legitimately starting a business… or has been operating a ten-year startup, this episode of While You Were Working is for you.

In episode 42, Rogue spoke with sales consultant and two-time business founder, Brian Zweig, to discuss what is needed to find your market fit and build out the foundation to push through the early stages.

The Four C’s

Consistent Processes,
Constraints, and
Consumer-Focused Content

Tune in to hear about distribution strategies you’ll want to consider, processes that must be in place, how to effectively use micro-influencers and some good old fashioned guerilla techniques.

On this episode you’ll hear:

  • 05:56     How curiosity plays into success
  • 07:54     How experiments can help you keep pace
  • 09:00    Why you need processes… and how to keep them simple
  • 12:27      What idea can help you keep your goals set at the beginning of the year
  • 14:58      What you should value when it comes to user-generated content
  • 18:10      What you should be paying attention to, but may not be — Rogue is stealing this

Enjoy the episode //


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