Yes, you heard us right. Slow Down!

Time to market is critical especially when early data shows that you have a one of a kind, must-buy product or service.  We totally get it, the excitement and momentum; but from the wise words of rapper Eminem, “You only get one shot”, so you can’t miss your chance by making hasty decisions, and failing to create a solid cohesive strategy within your entire organization. You absolutely must get this part right.

Once you slow down and get the strategy right,

your success will speed up,

and take your brand further and faster.

There has been a central shift in the CMO role due largely to social media, digital marketing, and CRM. CMOs are now more responsible than ever for adding to business growth and playing a role in the discussion and planning of technology, sales, business strategy and goals. Marketing teams are also needed to ensure the customer needs are an important part of product development and the overall brand and delivery of the sales message.

Take advantage of your initial edge by making sure you’ve spent the proper time integrating marketing data analysis, and sharing insights with the production, tech and sales departments. Here are some of the most important points to consider in your strategy to capitalize on your need for speed, and ensure that it’s both powerful and practical.

Find your audience

Focus analytics and measurement on buyer behavior to quickly hone in on the most responsive buyer personas. And we don’t just mean the generalized profiles created in the past. You must be able to find the audience within the audience. Go beyond the usual behaviors and demographics, because the more specific you can be, then more you’ll be able to get inside the motivations of buyers, what they need, and why they need it. Finding the people who are most ready to buy right now will boost the initial sales impact of your fast-paced timetable. Focus your marketing message and tactics to engage these people first, and speak to them directly and specifically in their type of language. The rest will follow.

Find your opportunities

Be ready to adapt your marketing plan based on the audience at hand. Quickly leverage your data, technology solutions, and automation to identify and take advantage of new opportunities. Look for what the data can tell you about refining your campaign message. Should a new buyer persona or geographic location show projected growth, there must be flexibility and preparation to deliver a new or updated campaign to service them as soon as possible. If your best laid plans aren’t working then always be ready with a new plan.

Find your channels

The strategy you build should be geared to each of the different stages of the buyer’s cycle. You can effectively engage and influence the buyer by choosing the right channel for the right moment. Identify the channels that will have the most initial bottom line impact. The ready-to-buy consumers may only need to hear or see your message once, or may even seek you out to purchase. Swiftly recognizing which channels best resonate with the target buyers and then taking the time to refine the message for those select few will mean more return for each marketing dollar spent.

To find the initial wave of success and continue riding at the top of it, means following where it goes and moving quickly to stay on point.

All these things are critical to reaching the right customers first, and being prepared for any necessary change or adaptation in your strategy. So slow down…, get it right, and you’ll be in the best position to move further faster™.