Choosing a marketing agency to partner with can mean a lot of different things to different people. Initially, it’s overwhelming the amount and variety you have to choose from. Search Dallas Digital Agency and you’ll get more than several pages of results. A lot of them bring great reputations that you could potentially choose to work with. So, the next hurdle is figuring out, “can they handle what I need?”

It won’t take long for you to discover that the marketing field has a common language. But it’s important to note that this doesn’t mean the agency you’re speaking with means the same thing you do – even when you’re using the same words. On the surface, it may look like every agency does the same stuff, but in actuality, Rogue has seen that it’s often anything but an apples-to-apples comparison. Loyalty… nurturing… customer relationship… acquisition… funnel… these are more than buzzwords, these are areas you’ll want to have deeper conversation.

That certainly makes it a tougher chore to navigate each agency’s expertise. Are they SEO and PPC? Do they also handle content creation and social? What if I need site development? What will be done with all the data? How do the things we want to accomplish integrate with other areas of the business? Is anyone good at ALL of these things? How do I know if ANY of THESE things are even what I need?


Why Rogue Should be on Your Marketing Agency Short List

Rogue’s approach to new clients starts way before ever meeting them. As a business marketing strategy agency, we assume a larger scope to do our due diligence. We want to see the whole picture of how we can help to shape and prepare their business for growing further, faster; not just provide a Yes or No answer to “Should we fix our website?”

This is where strategy gets real. The Rogue team discusses each potential client as if they were a case study to prove out. We evaluate market data, competitors, potential for growth, and much more.

But, the Rogue difference doesn’t end there. To demonstrate how Rogue thinks, here’s an example of a ‘case study’ we recently worked on. A mid-sized, service-oriented business met with us to discuss what they needed to get their business where it needed to be. Rogue explored audiences, goals, strategies, and even built out a complete digital paid media plan. It soon became clear where the client needed to make changes to reach their goals. They agreed.

So, why did Rogue ultimately shake hands and part ways?

Turns out this business wasn’t really looking for us. They needed someone to just work the tactics. All of the research and time spent discussing the business only confirmed to all parties that they were on the right track. They just needed some extra man/woman power to get the job done. That meant they would benefit more from partnering with an SEO shop, social media team, or PPC manager. So, yes, you’re reading this right. We directed a great client away from us, because they weren’t the right fit. But what about you?

Should You Go Rogue?

We’ll want to connect to be sure. In the end, you’ll need to trust that the agency you select can actually get the results you’re after – whatever those may be. You’ll want to have a business-altering outcome you’re needing to achieve. And you’ll need to already believe that business marketing is truly worth the cost of resources, time and effort it WILL ultimately take.

If these statements sound like you, there’s a great chance you’re ready for a team that can help you move further faster:

  1. I need a group that can help me prevent (or navigate when necessary) the “unexpected surprises” that come with big business initiatives.
  2. I need a team that applies strategic practicality to the business constraints I have.
  3. I need a group that cares more about the outcome I am looking to achieve, rather then telling me about the great tactic they executed.
  4. I need a team that builds a blueprint that aligns with our growth strategy, because at today’s speed of change what works today likely won’t work as well in the near future.
  5. I need a team that can articulate why we’re collecting the data we are, communicate the insights we are looking for it to uncover, and show how those insights are being put into action.
  6. I need a partner that helps me stay focused ensuring my KPIs will actually impact our established business-altering outcome.
  7. I need an agency that can help me understand what channels are actually effective and how attribution can be derived across multiple channels.

Rogue sits at the crossroads of business consultancy, technology and marketing… and does it all with a strategic practicality. If you’re still reading, then we’ve probably been talking to you, and you owe it to yourself to begin a conversation you won’t regret. It’s time to Go Rogue.