James Loomstein, Managing Partner of Rogue Marketing joins the Echojunction podcast to talk about the marketing funnel. A very important piece of the marketing process is understanding the journey a customer takes to ultimately make the sale.

In the episode, they discuss:

    • • James’s interesting career to date across marketing and advertising
    • • The traditional AIDA marketing funnel
    • • Whether it is possible to model the buyers journey today given the range of sources if info a buyer knows taps into
    • • How the buyers journey has fundamentally changed in the past 10 years
    • • The increasing complexity of the CMO role today versus given the fragmentation of media
    • • Marketing education today and why the 4Ps are (wrongly) no longer a major focus
    • • The balance between science and art in the marketing process
    • • Why the consideration phase in the buyer journey is getting longer
    • • Google’s Zero Moment of Truth and the minor moments within this process
    • • Content strategy, channel strategy and marketing automation
    • • The importance of strategy and execution to maximise the value of marketing technology
    • • Buyer personas

….and much more.

Check out the full podcast episode over on Echojunction.com | The Marketing Funnel with James Loomstein