It’s election day in the U.S.

Perhaps you can hear what I hear…
It’s the collective sigh of an exasperated nation grateful that it’s almost over!

It’s not yet known just how close this election is… or isn’t. But one thing seems clear. There’s very little middle ground. You’re either for one and against the other… or maybe it’s the other way around?

There appears to be next to no one that believes if the candidate they voted for doesn’t occupy the White House next January that that’s an okay choice. That our country is in good hands. Families are divided. Voting blocs are divided. The country is divided.

That got me thinking… Is there something that business leaders and marketing professionals in particular can learn in all of this?

It wasn’t too long ago that one of those presidential debates concluded with an interesting question. The now-nearly-famous Karl Becker asked the candidates to name something that they admired in the other. And you know what, they were able to do it. Trump said that while he disagreed with just about every policy and decision Clinton made, he couldn’t fault her drive and tenacity. Clinton said that while she too disagreed with nearly everything her opponent stands for, that she had to find some redemptive quality in the fact that he had a really productive and great group of kids that he raised.

(Now for all the cynics in the Rogue-reading universe, yes, we’ll just have to wait for WikiLeaks to let us know if the Clinton campaign was fed that question in advance… but I digress.)

The point is that with just a sliver of humility and compassion, absolutely everyone can learn from anyone. We are a self sufficient people that is always right. (Just ask my wife or my team, ha!)

You don’t like your boss? Forced to work with a difficult client? Having trouble in paradise? That’s your chance to take a moment and force yourself to find something you respect… admire… can learn from. If you’re willing, It’s hard to find someone that you can’t learn from.

  • Driven individuals generally know how to surround themselves with smart, loyal people
  • Corrupted individuals can spotlight the destruction you’ll want to avoid
  • Individuals with disabilities can demonstrate honesty and love at the highest levels
  • Difficult people might actually see something you don’t
  • Those that have a lot may know what it’s like to not
  • Disgruntled spouses may hold the key that could turn it all around for your marriage
  • … and the list literally goes on

Anyone that’s willing, can learn from anyone. But that’s the question. Are you willing?

Soon (hopefully tonight) there is going to be a declared presidential winner. Someone will start packing to take up new residence on Pennsylvania Avenue and set up a new administration. And for many people it will not be the individual they selected.

While it is always our job to keep a watch on what’s going on with our leaders, we have an obligation to remain that shining city on the hill. Let’s be a country and people that keeps an eye out for something else. Let’s take this opportunity to be looking for what we can learn from people that we disagree with.

Agree? Disagree? Let the Rogue Nation know your thoughts.