It’s easy to get so caught up in the daily grind that you forget to look up and see what’s been happening in the industry, you know, “while you’ve been working.”

Rogue Marketing started producing the While You Were Working video series in 2017. Each episode features business leaders, authors, speakers and practitioners that bring a unique point of view to a variety of marketing and business topics.

“Here’s a round-up of the 10 most popular episodes”

Hopefully, you caught most of these episodes real-time, LIVE… but if you missed any this year, here’s a round-up of our 10 most popular episodes.

5 BEST Business Leadership Episodes

  1. Growth Hacking with Ross Simmonds 
    Tune in to hear why growth hacking is an underrated skill and maybe more important now than ever before… especially as the ability to advertise in FaceBook and Google get’s more convoluted.
    WYWW Ep 22: Ross Hammonds Growth Hacking
  2. Breaking the Wheel with Jay Acunzo
    Tune in to hear why marketers MUST wage war on conventional thinking and why you just might need to throw “best practices” out the window.
    WYWW(Live) : Jay Acunzo
  3. Lifelong Learning with Douglas Burdett
    Tune in to hear form an industry leader who reads/reviews one marketing or sales book each week! You’re sure to hear new things happening in the industry.
    Life-Long Marketing Learning WYWW 25
  4. Human Leadership with Marcel Schwantes
    Tune in to hear what it takes to be a leader that leads with greater humanity… and why that leads to a more human workplace.
  5. Maximizing Productivity with Kyle Lacy
    Tune in to hear a three-step process to increased productivity. After all, today’s leader is always asked to do more… faster.

5 BEST Marketing Skill Episodes

Do you have a New Year Resolution to be a more informed marketer? Here are some of our most watched episodes offering insights and perspectives on topics you PROBABLY have on your 2019 skill list.

  1. Attribution Modeling with Whit Whitley
    Last click. First click. It’s all important and it all works together.
    WYWW Ep 27: Attribution Modeling 2 hero image
  2. Video, Video, Video with Owen Video
    You know video is not going away. Here’s what you need to know and how to include it in your sales funnel.
  3. Insatiable Content with Jason Falls
    If you’re not producing insatiable content you might as well pack up and go home. How should you use today’s tools differently?
  4. Solving Problems through Design with Jonathan Rosenberg
    Are you incorporating “visual experience” into your marketing plans? What’s on tap design-wise in 2019?
  5. Integrating Podcasts with Jerrod Morris
    This episode is for the person looking to integrate a podcast into your marketing strategy and how to utilize this tool to achieve a goal.
    While You Were working (LIVE) Ep. 30- Podcasting