Paid Media Campaigns

Every marketing leader needs to know that their ad dollars are being spent the right way. You’ve seen the big-box agencies that promise you “impressions,” and may even go as far as reporting on clicks…but ad clicks may not be what you’re after. Maybe you want form fills. Or perhaps you’re driving audience engagement metrics, like video views to announce an upcoming product release or brand launch.

Rogue narrows campaign performance down to 3 performance areas: 

  1. Capturing people’s attention
  2. Tracking their behavior in response
  3. Reporting the right campaign outcome

Here’s how Rogue gets you the return you want on the marketing ad spend you commit:

Paid Search

When you start a new paid search campaign, there’s a lot of backend work that needs to happen—for example:

  1. Building a landing page
  2. Writing a landing page
  3. Setting up tracking pixels
  4. Tying your landing page action to the ad account for better targeting
  5. Writing ad copy
  6. Generating campaign keyword lists
  7. Cultivating negative keyword lists
  8. Setting up geolocation
  9. And so much more

Then your paid search campaign needs constant optimization. Some channels and keywords will surprise you—but are they good surprises, or bad? Some traffic will have a high bounce rate, and you’ll want to shut down ads from that particular source so that you don’t burn ad dollars needlessly.


How many times do you come back to the same search for the same problem? People rarely solve the problem they are facing with a one-and-done expedition. They want to know more, explore various facets of the industry, check out top dogs and underdogs… and the more your brand is ready and waiting for them, the more your brand becomes part of their thinking about the problem.

Rogue helps you to be in the right places, at the right times, for the right people.

Events Planning

Not all paid campaigns are, or should be, digital. One human interaction can beat out a thousand clicks online. When your audience needs a personal touch to stand out ahead of the crowd, Rogue is there to help you through the process of negotiating physical or digital space, bringing the right tangible marketing assets, and (when necessary) finding and preparing events staff to drive the actions you value.

Rogue isn’t just a “digital marketing agency.” We’re a sales and marketing agency (“smarketing,” if you like). We map tactics to the goals you want to achieve, not the other way around.

Rogue can also drive those leads you picked up in person to your digital assets, and start tracking from there. That way you don’t become “that one booth with the cool thing” they saw last month.


Even if you are an online brand, capable of conducting business without a brick and mortar location, you may want to drive sales in a specific area. Whether that’s a state…a city…a neighborhood…or even a specific city block…Rogue can make sure your ad spend is targeted to the right geography of any size, online and offline.

Paid Social

Whether your audience is defined as a business leader or a college student, you know they spend time on social media. Paid social campaigns help you skip the lengthy process of organic social media and beat out the social media platforms that limit your organic exposure to your audience.

Landing Page Development

When campaigns are built for prospects to take a specific action, you want a page designed to help them flow from ad to action with as little friction as possible. Your page needs the right design to help them easily identify the action they came to the page to take. It needs the copy that says exactly what they’re thinking. And it needs the technology to build and support, and to turn those leads into viable sales opportunities. After all that, the campaign and page require analytics to optimize.

Rogue manages the entire process, integrating your campaign flow with your overall brand for the highest possible conversion rates.