Frequently Asked Questions

Clients and prospects often ask a wide variety of questions. Maybe you’re wondering some of the same things too… If that’s you, keep reading.

Is Rogue too small for me?

At right around 10 team members, Rogue is on the small side, but most clients see that as a strength and not a disadvantage. Personalized attention, access to management and investment in seeing your business succeed are just some of the benefits you’ll find working with this tight-knit team. The smaller size also means Rogue doesn’t take on as many accounts, offering that personalized attention and ability to change fast.

Are all marketing services handled in house?

There are very few services Rogue does not handle in-house. Strategy, content, creative design, SEO, social, paid media and so much more is all handled by seasoned Rogue practitioners. Rogue does use outside talent for digital development and video production, because those disciplines have a wide spectrum of client need, and they’re sporadic. Through exclusive agency relationships, you’ll have access to video teams that produce LA-worthy products if that’s what’s needed… or whiteboard animated videos if that’s what’s needed. You’ll have access to teams that specialize in your digital development needs, meaning you get a seasoned expert… not just the person the agency hired to be its developer, but who’s never worked on a project of your kind before.

Shouldn’t I work with a bigger name agency?

Rogue has assembled a team of seasoned experts that ironically could be leaders at those big name agencies… if that’s where they’d be of greatest value. At Rogue you always have access to the senior people, because that’s the only level of person Rogue hires. Access like that is nearly unheard of at the bigger agencies, unless you’re shelling out the largest fees.

Why the high prices?

Rogue prices are highly-competitive (and comparable) for the Dallas market place. Of course, when you talk price you also have to consider value. Rogue serves clients that seek to work exclusively with senior talent and aren’t looking for the arts and crafts department. That means the price you pay always comes with the ideal value of being able to strategize, whiteboard and work with strong marketing minds… Rogue clients says that they like not having to dictate ideas, micromanage or over-explain. They like working with a team that just “gets it” and “gets them.” You might pay more… but you’ll get more and get it faster.

Why does it feel like a “rapid foundation” takes so long?

It’s just a fact that you’ll only be able to go so far with the wrong marketing infrastructure. Companies that have done the hard, time-consuming work of building a solid foundation can do more and scale faster. When you have a big outcome to achieve, you have to have the right foundation in place to achieve it. The higher the skyscraper, the stronger and deeper the foundation has to be. Rogue works quickly to lay a rapid foundation letting you begin to build and scale. 6 months may sound like a long time to make sure the right pieces and parts are in place, but it all depends on how you look at it… and what you have to achieve. The next question you need to ask is what has kept you from achieving it faster on your own?

Do I really need to do something now?

It’s a question only you can decide the answer on. If you can do nothing and still be successful, then you don’t need to engage with Rogue. While it’s almost always easier to maintain status quo, Rogue’s perspective is that there is a toll to doing nothing.

Who else has found success with Rogue?

Rogue is privileged to work with Fortune 500 companies you’ve heard of as well as small/mid-size businesses that are less well known. Organizations like NTT DATA, Reddy Ice, Securus Technologies, HealthCare For Your Car, FieldAware, Hexagon, Xpanxion, Southern Methodist University, a variety of healthcare organizations and many others are all members of the Rogue Nation. In the end, success comes down to having a big outcome you must achieve and believing in the Rogue approach. Proactively planning ahead and having some time to get where you’re going has been a hallmark of companies that have found success with Rogue.