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Effective marketing begins and ends with a well-defined audience. And crafting an audience segment begins with understanding what you're ideally trying to achieve.

Dive into the perspectives and practical applications that can help you move further, faster™.

Most people don't make the time to see how, what, and why it's not enough to just do things "better"—you have to do things different. But you're not like most people, are you?

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Audiences and Markets Drive Product Success – Not Ideas

Today, Andy is joined by James Loomstein, Managing Partner of Rogue Marketing, to talk about the sales funnel and how it fits into the larger marketing picture. James explains what ‘Micro-Moments of Truth’ are and how to use them to engage with your consumers, understand their intent and improve the conversion rates of your business […]

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Why Your Audience Doesn’t Care about Your Brand Messaging

You and your product or service will always be an appendage to your audience’s deeper goals. Here's how to stay relevant.

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WYWW Ep 22: Ross Hammonds Growth Hacking

While You Were Working (LIVE) Ep. 22: the one about growth hacking

When you hear the term ‘growth hacking’ what comes to mind? Is it something like this:   The common misconception about ‘growth hacking’ is that it’s some mad scientist marketing techniques that happen to get results every once in a while after about 9,000 experiments. Luckily, were here to disspell a few common misconceptions about […]

Build an Audience to Build a Business

Jerry White, Program Director, SMU

“The first time our marketing people referred to [Rogue] as an agency, I said I was offended. In my experience with agencies, we have a discussion, you decide what you’re going to buy, you place the order….and if halfway through the campaign it isn’t working, that’s just the way it is. We’ll buy something different the next time. But that’s not the way the Rogue guys do it. If we sign up for something and halfway through the campaign it isn’t working, we change it right then. It’s real simple: when people say, ‘Jerry, you spend an awful lot of money on’ I say, ‘But it works. How many other programs are popping off 75, 80 students registered?’ And that shuts everybody up.”

Audience Building 101:

A great idea is just a small part of the success equation. Building an audience is one of the most undervalued aspects of a business strategy. Get the 101 on Audience Building here.

What Marketing Can Learn from Musicians

What a Musical Artist Can Teach You About Content Marketing And Building An Audience

Your content needs business exposure. The best way to get the attention you desire is to think like a music artist.

Audience Building with Artificial Intelligence (AI): Is It Brilliant or Just a Stretch?

More brands are trying to let the bots do their thinking—it’s scalable, but is it costing them brand caché Artificial intelligence opens exciting possibilities, but the truth is, digital marketers have always relied on algorithms to their work. From displaying ads related to key terms to sorting through a marketing automation workflow logic, the bots […]

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