Build Your Best Audience

Effective marketing begins and ends with a well-defined audience. And crafting an audience segment begins with understanding what you're ideally trying to achieve.

Dive into the perspectives and practical applications that can help you move further, faster™.

Most people don't make the time to see how, what, and why it's not enough to just do things "better"—you have to do things different. But you're not like most people, are you?

While You Were Working (Live) Video Marketing

While You Were Working (LIVE) Ep. 21 – the one about the rise of video marketing

In episode 21 you see why video marketing has taken a rise in popularity, plus, you will explore how small-to-medium-sized businesses can start using video.

While You Were Working (LIVE) Ep. 20 – The one about Chatbots

Have you considered using a chatbot in your current marketing strategy? Find out how businesses are adding in chatbots to their customer-facing strategies.

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Customer Journey Mapping

The Customer Journey Map You Should Be Using

The right customer journey map shows you how to categorize your audience by what they DO instead of characteristics of who they ARE.

Build an Audience to Build a Business

Jerry White, Program Director, SMU

“The first time our marketing people referred to [Rogue] as an agency, I said I was offended. In my experience with agencies, we have a discussion, you decide what you’re going to buy, you place the order….and if halfway through the campaign it isn’t working, that’s just the way it is. We’ll buy something different the next time. But that’s not the way the Rogue guys do it. If we sign up for something and halfway through the campaign it isn’t working, we change it right then. It’s real simple: when people say, ‘Jerry, you spend an awful lot of money on’ I say, ‘But it works. How many other programs are popping off 75, 80 students registered?’ And that shuts everybody up.”

Audience Building 101:

A great idea is just a small part of the success equation. Building an audience is one of the most undervalued aspects of a business strategy. Get the 101 on Audience Building here.

Site Visibility Podcast | Audiences

Audiences and Markets Drive Product Success – Not Ideas

Today, Andy is joined by James Loomstein, Managing Partner of Rogue Marketing, to talk about the sales funnel and how it fits into the larger marketing picture. James explains what ‘Micro-Moments of Truth’ are and how to use them to engage with your consumers, understand their intent and improve the conversion rates of your business […]

Echojunction Podcast | Marketing Funnel with James Loomstein

Rogue Discusses the Marketing Funnel – Podcast

James Loomstein, Managing Partner of Rogue Marketing joins the Echojunction podcast to talk about the marketing funnel. A very important piece of the marketing process is understanding the journey a customer takes to ultimately make the sale. In the episode, they discuss: • James’s interesting career to date across marketing and advertising • The traditional […]

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