Digital Marketing Analyst

Location Dallas, Texas
Job Type Full-time
Category Marketing


Every business collects data. But most businesses are sitting on information gold mines that they have no idea how to use. That’s where the insights analyst comes in.

Rogue Marketing is looking to add to its Dallas team with a certified data rock star. The ideal candidate will have an ability to turn data into useful information, and then turn information into business-altering insights. This role adds value to Rogue by allowing our growth-oriented clients to make the decisions that will help them move further fasterTM.

As an insights analyst, you will assist the Rogue team in:

  • Using data to solve for business-growing KPIs and metrics, such as available universe, ideal geographies, optimal price, profit trends, risk management, competitive and industry trend analysis, channel opportunities, and other things we haven't even thought of yet so that Rogue clients avoid unexpected surprises
  • Acquiring data from primary and secondary data sources, integrating, identifying and communicating patterns in multiple data sets
  • Developing and presenting executive-friendly reports that interpret and analyze results using statistical approaches and frameworks
  • Highlighting trends in customer base and consumer market based on data analysis
  • Prioritizing business and information needs
  • Delivering ongoing process improvement and optimization opportunities

Sound like you? Then maybe it’s time to Go Rogue.


Rogue seeks a driven individual with:

  • A passion for the marketing world who prefers to not live in a binary world of 1s and 0s; instead looks for the hidden opportunity to make data actionable and push a client forward
  • An ability to read and interpret HTML + JavaScript (you just have to know your way around; you don't have to be a pro coder)
  • An ability to identify website issues with Google Tracking Scripts and the help of Google Tag Assistant
  • An ability to demonstrate deep knowledge of Excel modeling, databases, CRMs, collection systems, data visualization, analytics and statistical frameworks and strategies
  • An ability to answer questions the team/client has not thought to ask yet
  • A level of experience with optimization tools, A/B testing, and multi-variable testing
  • An ability to clearly communicate discovered insights for action
  • A minimum of 3-5 years experience as a (business) data analyst (don't have this one? Convince us you're scrappy enough to do the job anyway, and we'll listen to you)


A bunch of Rogue marketers and senior level talent. We offer competitive salary, health benefits, and the ability for you to be amazing at what you love to do.